BlackHat25 & DefCon30

| Eylül 14, 2022 |

I would like to share my personal experience at BlackHat25 USA and DefCon30 conferences in Las Vegas. It was first time to attend this conferences for me and I was excited. In addition to this, I had a chance
to give a presentation on “Critical vulnerability response and loC extraction” at the SynAck booth in BlackHat25 USA 2022. So it was a really special time for me. I would like to give some recommendations to you who wants to join those conferences in the future.

BlackHat25 and DefCon30 conferences are usually at the different hotels. I selected an hotel between them and went them by walk. However after conference talks there are many events, parties and dinner organizations at the conference hotels, and it was a little bit difficult for me to join those events due to going back hotel, have some rest, changing clothes and going to event location again. So I would recommend to choose an hotel for accommodation with the same hotel where the conferences are.

Both conferences have a very big agenda and there are many different talks about different topics like car hacking, threat hunting, zero day exploits etc. that’s why you should take a look at the talks in the agendas and make your own program. Tips: some talks are same at the both conferences so you can consider to select talks at the same time. For BlackHat25, I suggest to login to BlackHat conference portal and for DefCon, to use hacker tracker mobile app.

BlackHat25 USA:
It has 2 different areas mainly such as talks and business hall. There are many companies at the business hall where they are representing their companies, presenting their products and also they have
some guests for sharing their knowledge (like what I did). Also they are giving swags, t-shirts and entrance badge for the parties. I would recommend to visit their booths if you want to get more info about the products. Also I realized that there were lots of security startup companies and to visit their stands, to see new ideas were really nice experience.
The talks were distributed to 2 different locations, one is at the conference rooms, other is at the business hall. The talks at the conference rooms were more independent and more interesting. But there were nice talks and demo at the Arsenal labs location such as hacking car operating system by Mandiant, privilege escalation on windows, open source vulnerability management product demo.

  • AAD Joined Machines – The New Lateral Movement
  • Elevating Kerberos to the Next Level
  • IAM The One Who Knocks
  • Google Reimagined a Phone. It was Our Job to Red Team and Secure it.
  • Backdooring and Hijacking Azure AD Accounts by Abusing External Identities
  • RCE-as-a-Service: Lessons Learned from 5 Years of Real-World CI/CD Pipeline Compromise
  • Kubernetes Privilege Escalation: Container Escape == Cluster Admin?
  • Living Off the Walled Garden: Abusing the Features of the Early Launch Antimalware Ecosystem
  • Mandiant – Vehicle Control System workshop at Arsenal Labs


It has 2 different areas mainly such as talks and villages. There were around 30 villages like BlueTeam, RedTeam, Car hacking, Aerospace hacking, Password, Policy etc. Usually each village has own CTF/challenges, talks, demos, workshops. The villages were located at 3 different areas (Linq Hotel, Flamengo Hotel and Ceasars Forum). That was the reason that moving one to another was sometimes difficult, or missing talks.
The main talks were at Ceasars Forum and mainly I spent my time there. I made my own agenda by using Hacker Tracker App. There were really nice talks and demos publishing some vulnerabilities, including zero-days.

  • Nick Powers & Steven Flores – Less SmartScreen More Caffeine – ClickOnce (Ab)Use for Trusted Code…
  • Jonathan Leitschuh – Scaling the Security Researcher to Eliminate OSS Vulnerabilities Once and For..
  • Michael Bargury – No-Code Malware: Windows 11 At Your Service
  • Michael Bargury – Low Code High Risk: Enterprise Domination via Low Code Abuse
  • ElectroVolt: Pwning Popular Desktop Apps While Uncovering New Attack Surface on Electron
  • The COW (Container On Windows) Who Escaped the Silo
  • Patrick Wardle – You are muted Rooted, Exploiting Zoom on MacOS (zeroday) at the link https://speakerdeck.com/patrickwardle/youre-muted-rooted
  • Gal Zror – Hacking ISPs with Point-to-Pwn Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) (cool research/vulnerability)

As a first time joiner, I tried to visit the villages, to join BlueTeam CTF by myself for 2 hours, and to attend the main talks.




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